The first day of preschool can often be a harrowing experience for both child and parent. However the teachers at PMK made this transition from being at home to a whole new experience of structured learning, feel effortless. The vast experience of the teachers provided incredible support during this transition. Furthermore, the confidence and competence that the staff displayed gave us assurance that the transition would be handled professionally and more importantly always in the very best interests of our daughter. With the transition feeling seamless, the reinforcement from others having structure and the importance of understanding right from wrong has been important. Our daughter appeared to blossom within a month of being at PMK. She became more confident within herself and this was very evident when we would visit the local playground where she would climb higher challenge herself a lot more with other children. As parents our experience of PMK has been an incredibly holding experience for daughter and parent, where we have felt so supported and encouraged throughout her journey as a pre-schooler. Her time at PMK has literally been worth its weight in gold