Parent Feedback

PMK has been the most amazing kindergarten, we have thoroughly enjoyed attending over the last two years. The staff become like family and are so invested in each child and their learning and making each child feel special.  They are excellent at preparing everyone for school and we realized that, once he started in year one that his number and alphabet knowledge and hand writing abilities were up to speed. The facilities are amazing and they are constantly updating and evolving their curriculum, activities, games and toys. We will miss all the children, families and staff – thank you once again for everything!

Parent | Feb 2019

Thanks so much for creating such a lovely centre you’ve done a wonderful job. I feel so confident leaving my daughter with the Ponsonby Montessori team – she always tells me about her day with such a happy expression on her face


PMK is an enriching environment for pre-school children. It cares for and educates children in a holistic way. I felt that my child was treated as an individual and understood within the Kindergarten culture in a manner that was caring, educative and culturally attuned.  At the same time he was encouraged to listen, attend to others, and be cooperative. The emphasis on knowing who you are and where you come from in the world has secured his place in the world. PMK developed his awareness of community and capacity for collaboration. It was so exciting to see him flourish and grow into the school-ready child he is today


Just a quick note to let you know that A is loving school and to give a huge thanks for your input into her learning and care over the past few years (we can definitely see it in how she has approached school).  She was very confident on the first day and seems to be reveling in the school environment.  She was especially pleased to be picked last week as the ‘leader’ for her class for the week where she got to be at the head of the line when walking to assembly etc.  You can just imagine how proud she was.  She’s also been put up a reading level already as she knew all her alphabet and phonics (thank you ;o))

Parent | 2018

The first day of preschool can often be a harrowing experience for both child and parent. However the teachers at PMK made this transition from being at home to a whole new experience of structured learning, feel effortless. The vast experience of the teachers provided incredible support during this transition. Furthermore, the confidence and competence that the staff displayed gave us assurance that the transition would be handled professionally and more importantly always in the very best interests of our daughter. With the transition feeling seamless, the reinforcement from others having structure and the importance of understanding right from wrong has been important. Our daughter appeared to blossom within a month of being at PMK. She became more confident within herself and this was very evident when we would visit the local playground where she would climb higher challenge herself a lot more with other children. As parents our experience of PMK has been an incredibly holding experience for daughter and parent, where we have felt so supported and encouraged throughout her journey as a pre-schooler. Her time at PMK has literally been worth its weight in gold

D | 2017

We always knew that Z was being looked after and he was always learning. This set him up well for entrance to school

Z’s mum | 2017

We feel like “I” is well equipped both socially intellectually for the challenges of school, thanks so much to the teachers who have been so supportive and caring during her time at PMK

I’s mum | 2017

We always knew that our son was being looked after and he was always learning. This set him up well for entrance to school


We feel like our daughter is well equipped both socially intellectually for the challenges of school, thanks so much to the teachers who have been so supportive and caring during her time at PMK


Thank you so much for looking after our son over the last two and a half years. He regularly came home buzzing about what you have been up to. Thank you for setting such clear expectations and nurturing his special Interests


He has thoroughly enjoyed his time with you and his personality and learning has grown leaps and bounds in PMK. I can not thank you and all the teachers enough for a fantastic year with you and helping our son transition from UK to NZ. This was a major change in a little boy’s life and his new friends and teachers played a major role in him settling down so well in NZ. We will be missing PMK immensely but will be back in a couple of years with our second one 🙂


I want to really thank you and the team for giving our daughter such a wonderful start to her educational journey. The encouragement of her independence was done very sensitively and in such a positive way. I really appreciate how you all respond to an individual child’s personality, and connect with them in a personal and respectful way. With this wonderful basis, she has managed her transition to school beautifully – better than I could have imagined!


You are amazing at what you do. Thank you so much for guiding our daughter through her preschool years and doing such an amazing job at it. We are grateful for your patience and time.


Our son is developing a love of learning and an awareness of the wider world around him and is appropriately stretched and challenged. He has developed strategies and tools to manage himself. The teachers openly and honestly communicate with us and have worked with us to implement a programme that has focussed on clearly articulating our collective expectations. My husband and I have, on numerous occasions, commented to one another that we “hit the jackpot” when we stumbled upon PMK as a learning environment for him.


Well done to you and the team for the well deserved feedback from MOE! We think you do a wonderful job

(feedback received from a parent in respect of a comment from a MOE licensing officer who told us we had “exceeded her expectations”)


Thanks for your sensitivity, structure and guidance on many child related matters.


Thanks so much for the newsletters – such wonderful activities! I am so glad we found


The Team at PMK are full of enthusiasm and energy for teaching. As a result there is always a fun new project on the go which involves and inspires the kids to learn cool things!