PMK Priorities

PMK Priorities for Learning 2015-2017

Through consultation the PMK community have collectively indicated the following priorities for learning:

A Montessori environment where there is provision for a wide variety of opportunities for learners to explore and extend their interests, strengths and creativity.

Each student will be guided and supported by teachers and families to develop:

  • A love of learning
  • An acceptance of differences and skills to develop relationships
  • Skills to collaborate and work in a team
  • An attitude of risk taking and open-mindedness yet an acceptance of boundaries
  • Respect and value of others feelings and thinking
  • Decision making skills through practical application
  • A belief in and the confidence to creatively and imaginatively express and share their own ideas and opinions in a variety of ways
  • The ability to develop and ask questions
  • A curiosity about the world around them
  • An understanding of community and their responsibilities within that community